Stewart Greenleaf Jr.

From the people who brought you Jared, Ivanka, Don Jr., and Eric, comes the next great, young, deeply unqualified Republican leader being handed power by their dad: Stewart Greenleaf, Jr.

Born in 1979 – the same year his father was first elected – Stewart literally can’t remember a time when his dad wasn’t a powerful State Senator. But rest assured, he’s still an ordinary kid from Philly just like you – assuming you were riding around in expensive cars, getting to miss school to go to fundraisers, and kickin’ it superold school with your dad’s Harrisburg buds. (I mean, we’re talking conservative judges, senators, lawyers, even more conservative judges -- it’s like a Who’s Who of mean old white dudes!)

And for all you other kids saying Stewart isn’t qualified. Nuh-uh!! He is so!! Before he was running for his dad’s State Senate seat, he was real grown-up lawyer at... his dad’s law firm. He wore big boy suits and everything!

So c’mon, guys. Just give it to him. This is his birthright! I mean, our Founding Fathers didn’t fight the Revolutionary War against a hereditary aristocracy for rich kids not to inherit power from their wealthy dads, right?

You know what else Jr. got from his dad? The administrator password to a nice little website called Stewart Greenleaf dot com. But you know what Jr. didn’t get for himself?! It’s My Seat -- Daddy Said So!